Prix Fixe Brunch Menu

May 28 and June 4

Soupe du Jour

Swiss Onion Soup

House Salad

Belgian Endive & Watercress Salad
(with dried cranberries, apples and port salut cheese)


Cornish Game Hen
(roasted and split, one side served over wild rice)

Beef Bourguignon
(beef stew in red wine with mushrooms, bacon, onions and croutons)

Penne Pasta au Poulet
(sautéed chicken, broccoli rabe and grape tomatoes)

Swordfish Casa Blanca
(with mango and pineapple)

Omelette du Chef


Crêpe Suzette
(Grand Marnier and oranges topped with vanilla ice cream)

Crème Brûlée

Chocolate Mousse

Soufflé for Two
(one soufflé is part of two prix fixe)

Dessert du Chef
~ or ~
Brunch Buffet
(ask your server for choice of freshly prepared egg dishes)

$25.50 per person


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