Updated: July 29, 2017

All items serve 10 people
All orders must be placed 4 days prior.
*Bread rolls do not accompany items but can be bought separately


Mesclun Salad with Vinaigrette
Caesar Salad
Marinated Mushrooms
Carrot and Raisins  
Cucumber with Dill
Red Beets Salad 
Tomatoes and Mozzarella
Quiche Lorraine
Quiche with Broccoli or Spinach
Onion Tarte
House Smoked Salmon



Chicken Francais or Nicois or Coq au Vin
Beef Bourguignon
Sausages and Peppers
Veal with Mushrooms
Turkey Cordon Bleu   
Roasted Turkey Breast
Roasted Filet of Beef Burgundy Sauce
Braised Beef Brisket
Braised Short Ribs in Cabernet Sauce
Roasted Loin of Pork w/Apples
Poached Hot or Cold Salmon
Seafood Provencal
Filet of Sole Provencal or Florentine
Filet of Tilapia Murat
Roasted Monk Fish with Saffron Sauce



Pasta Primavera or Vodka or Alfredo
Rice Pilaf   
Potatoes au Gratin  
Potatoes Lyonaises
Mashed Potatoes
Haricots Verts
Carrot Vichy
Braised Fennel
Eggplant Parmesan
Broccoli or Cauliflower au Gratin
Mixed Vegetables
French Bread Roll



Crème Brulee   
 * There is a $20.00 deposit per dish for the Crème Brulee
Chocolate Mousse
French Apple Tarte
Key Lime Pie
Edelweiss Cake
Nocturne Cake
Tiramisu Cake      
Mixed Berries
Strawberries Romanoff
Fruit Platter


Wire Chafing Rack
Sterno (2 hour gel fuel)




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