Restaurant Lunch Menu

(updated November 4, 2018)


Soupe du Jour
Cup $7.50, Bowl $9.50

Swiss Baked Onion Soup
Topped with croutons and Gruyère cheese
Cup $8.50, Bowl $10.50

Escargots Café de Paris $11.50
Garlic herbs butter sauce

House Smoked Salmon $12.50
Wrapped around Mesclun salad served over potato pancake

Warm Mussels $12.50
White wine and garlic, drizzled with the Chef’s sauce
Moules-frites (add French fries on top) additional $2.00

Wild Mushroom Napoleon $13.50
Five types of mushrooms over steamed asparagus & puff pastry

Coquille St. Jacques $14.50
Sea Scallops with braised leeks in a Vermouth cream sauce

Hudson Valley Foie Gras

Sautéed with Sherry over confit of onions and dried fruits in Port wine
2oz Single, 4oz Double portion $15.95, $29.50


Mesclun Salad with House Vinaigrette $8.50

Baby Spinach with poached pears and crumbled blue cheese
served with a light white wine vinaigrette dressing $11.50

Baby Arugula with fresh red beets and Brie cheese $11.50


Gnocchi aux Champignons sauvages $14.50
Potato based soft dumplings with wild mushroom sauce

Coq au Vin $16.50
Chicken on the bone braised in red wine, bacon, mushrooms and croutons

Grilled Salmon Vermouth $17.95
Sautéed spinach and cherry tomatoes served over Vermouth cream sauce

Pork Medallions Forestière $19.50
Sautéed and baked finished with wild mushroom au jus sauce

Cassoulet $19.50
Confit of duck, lamb, pork and garlic sausage with white beans

Beef Bourguignon $22.50
Braised beef in Burgundy wine with mushrooms, bacon and onions

Bouillabaisse $22.50
Shrimp, scallops, monkfish, clams in Saffron soup

Red Snapper Dijonnais $23.50
Fillet of Red Snapper over a Dijon mustard sauce

Baby Calves Liver Lyonnais $24.50
Sautéed with bacon and onions

Tournedos Café de Paris $28.50
6oz Black Angus Filet Mignon, garlic herb butter sauce and pommes frites

Healthy Choices

Grilled Vegetable Platter over Capellini Pasta $15.50
Choice of Grilled Chicken or Salmon on House Salad $17.50

Tables of 5 or more people will be subject to a 20% Service charge added to the bill.


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